Learn How To Deal With Loneliness Without Alcohol

Learn How To Deal With Loneliness Without Alcohol

Everyone has felt lonely in their lives. Remember that feeling when you feel you don’t know anyone at the party? Have you ever gone weeks without talking to your friends or your family? This feeling of isolation when you are feeling alone extended over periods of time is taken as loneliness. 

The clincher is that a person can feel lonely even in the presence of people. Hence, it goes to prove that being around people does not guarantee escape from loneliness. The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a study on the same where it was concluded that about 22% of the people suffer from loneliness. Whenever a person is lonely, the desire for social connection and their experiences. 

Alcohol and Loneliness: A Primer

People rarely realize the harmful effects of loneliness. However, studies have revealed that being lonely can be as damaging as smoking. It releases the cortisol in the body, which increases the stress damaging the physical and mental health of the person. The release of cortisol for a longer amount of time causes inflammation in the body. It raises the chances of developing cancer, autoimmune diseases and early mortality. 

How to deal with loneliness without alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is not the path to countering loneliness. 3 of 10 adults are battling loneliness and it can be combated without alcohol. Here are some ways to address your loneliness:

  • Get some sun: Expose yourself to the rays of the sun. Sunlight is essential for the smooth functioning of your bodily functions. It uplifts the moods and tells your body that it’s time to wake up. If you’re underexposed to the sun, it can get as dangerous as smoking and obesity. 
  • Examine your Relationships: Loneliness can be triggered by lack of meaningful relationships around you. Take a moment to examine the relationships around you. Do they mean something or are they only superficial? If most of them are superficial, consider deepening your relationships. 
  • Organize Events: Try to be social, invite people and organize events. Make a list of your interests and start talking about it in front of the people. How about running a game night? By actively organizing things, you are letting people into your life. This can help you meet your emotional and social needs of meeting people. 
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