Consistency and Practice Help You In Drug Recovery

Consistency and Practice Help You In Drug Recovery

Delaying the decisions to make a change occurs quite often throughout the recovery process. The fourth step of the “12 – step program” might seem a huge task to some and they may end up questioning others as to how they started that step. Well, this can also keep a person stuck forever as there’s no right way to begin step 4. 

There might be other cases too where someone realizes that the best time to get started with step 4 is now. Without making any further excuses, they would just start doing what’s right. 

Change Takes Action

It takes effort to make a change, whether it be out in the world or just to ourselves. It’s never too late to make changes in one’s behavior once they have realised that they are going wrong somewhere. A person suffering from depression can make a change of thinking positively instead of all the negative thoughts. This could make a huge difference to them. 

The process of changing behavior from negative to positive, however, requires a plan and action. Merely devising a plan won’t work either. One needs to implement all the steps included in the plan. It will take some time to make it a permanent change but it will happen eventually and soon it will become a regular practice. 


It is often observed that the person being diagnosed against their will tends to look for the loopholes in the process. They come up with several excuses during the treatment, sometimes even blaming the therapist or counselor for giving the wrong advice. They also believe that the treatment is wrong and so are the diagnoses. 

Some might even blame the environment around them and try to leave the treatment process. The ones who are determined to leave, will use any excuse but they should understand that it’s not going to help them in the long run. Hindering the treatment process might affect the person in future. 

Practice Makes Perfect

There are also people who believe in absolute perfectionism and that’s not a bad thing. But it can be an obstacle when trying to make a change within. One does not even try to adapt to a positive change until they haven’t mastered it and that’s almost like not even trying. Failures come along with efforts. Trying to do something new will result in failure at times and that is absolutely fine until one is trying hard enough. 

A person will not succeed at first when trying to change emotions, thoughts and behavior but practicing good thoughts, good emotions and good behavior will help eventually. In the end, practice is what will help rather than focusing only on perfectionism. 

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