Common Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction 

Common Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction 

Whatever may be the cause for addiction, it spares no one. However, it might not look the same in every case. Some people are masters at hiding their addiction while some fail to manage it. Even if you can hide it well, it does not mean you aren’t getting affected by it. Every individual abusing substances are being harmed by them. 

Thus, it is important to know more about addiction and its treatments. 

Common Signs of Addiction 

You can be addicted to substances like prescription drugs, illicit or illegal drugs, or even alcohol. Addiction to different substances has different signs for identification. These signs also vary from user to user depending on their current health conditions. However, a few signs remain common for all. 

  • Becoming defensive when talking about your drug use and addiction 
  • Entering financial crisis because of drugs 
  • Sudden changes in physical appearance like weight 
  • Trouble managing relationships with family and friends 
  • Problems finishing daily tasks 

These signs are common for drug and alcohol addiction and can easily be observed in a user. However, in the case of alcohol, the level of stress, sadness, and health issues is much higher. 

Identifying the Early Signs of Addiction 

Addiction never develops in a single day. It takes multiple doses (in some drugs only) and/or drinks to cause a full-fledged addiction. However, there are some early signs of addiction that you need to consider to receive treatment on time. 

  • Losing control over the amount of substance you consume 
  • Needing more amount of the substance to achieve the usual high 
  • Combining one or more substances to achieve the usual high 
  • Hiding your substance use 
  • Prioritizing substance use over other activities/responsibilities 
  • Hanging out with people who are already addicted 

If you have identified these early signs of addiction, then it will be wise to reach out to rehab. This will allow you to heal better and in a short time as the addiction will be mild. 

You can come to Mallard Lake Detox Center in Texas to receive early addiction treatment. Call us now to schedule an appointment. 

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