Can Experiential Therapy in Dallas, Texas, Help in Addiction Recovery?

Can Experiential Therapy in Dallas, Texas, Help in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery is not a walk in the park. It can take a toll on you physically and mentally. It can intimidate you and make you think about quitting.

Here at Mallard Lake Detox in Dallas, Texas, we believe that you can battle addiction with the proper support and therapy.

Experiential therapy in addiction recovery helps you have an outlet to release stress and hardship in the journey. Also, it helps in processing your addiction and trauma holistically.

What is Experiential Therapy

It is a healing strategy in which you express yourself in activities like acting, arts and crafts, music, animal care, or other recreational activities while in recovery.

There are types of experiential therapy:

Drama therapy or Psychodrama

It is the re-enactment of your past trauma or sentiments. This therapy helps you release negative or concealed emotions from your past.

Music therapy

This therapy uses music to boost positive changes in your emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

Art therapy

This therapy uses artistic methods and tools as an outlet for stress relief and gives you calming and relaxed experience without stressors. It helps you know yourself more, about your passion and dreams. Tools include painting, sculpting, and drawing.

Play therapy

This therapy is usually used in children’s treatment. Children who cannot express their emotions and experiences through words can convey them using therapeutic play.

Outdoor therapy

This therapy uses adventure in nature and excursions to process your traumas and help your body to recover physically.

Animal-assisted therapy

This therapy includes interaction and caring for the animal to relieve stress and anxiety.

The most commonly used therapy in addiction recovery is art and music.

How Art and Music Help Addiction Recovery

Studies show that art and music therapy can help increase self-esteem, and self-awareness, ease stress and anxiety, and develop social skills.

These benefits can potentially help you recover fast and improve your wellbeing. You will discover your passion and learn new skills that you can use after recovery.

Battling addiction through recovery treatments needs a lot of physical and mental strength.

Mallard Lake Detox in Dallas, Texas, believes in holistic healing. We invest in our professional staff, effective treatment programs, therapies, and luxurious facilities to guide and help you in your healing journey.

If you are interested and want to learn more, call us today!

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