Best Ways to Spend Sober Weekends

Best Ways to Spend Sober Weekends

Weekends are usually the days when you prefer to chill and spend some good time with your friends and family. These often also include drinking and even consuming drugs for certain people. However, such activities are completely restricted for the ones recovering from addiction. 

If that’s the case with you too, then what’s the best way to spend a sober weekend? Take a look at some of our ideas to spend a sober weekend. 

Ways to Spend a Sober Weekend

The idea of spending a sober weekend does not mean sitting in your room doing nothing. There are plenty of ways to spend your weekend that do not include alcohol or drugs. Those are

  1. Avoid triggers

Weekends are all about alcohol and drugs for many people. Bars and pubs are flooded with visitors these days. However, these are certainly not the right places for you. Being around people or in places with alcohol or drugs can become a trigger and you are likely to relapse. Thus, if you feel you aren’t strong enough yet to hold back, it’s best to avoid such gatherings. 

  1. Plan in advance 

This is especially for you if you are an extrovert. Participating in last-minute plans is likely to put you into trouble and so does not participating at all. Last-minute plans usually include clubbing or visiting bars and pubs. You can say no to these but then being left alone is also a fear. Moreover, sitting alone at your home can also push you to drink again out of boredom. Thus, plan your weekend and stay away from substances. 

  1. Participate in recurring activities 

The best way to avoid substances is by distracting yourselves. You can participate in recurring activities, meaning, attending sports events that happen on weekends or other activities. You can also participate in weekend classes that teach you new skills. These will keep your mind off substances and help you stay sober

  1. Be with sober friends 

Spending weekends with friends is great but only when they support your sobriety. Friends consuming substances will likely offer you some. This can trigger your addiction. Thus, it is best to be with friends who support your sobriety and are sober themselves. 

You can also visit Mallard Lake Detox Center in Dallas, Texas to spend a sober weekend. We have several sober activities for people like you. Get in touch today and enjoy a sober weekend. 

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