Benefits of Maintaining a Journal During Recovery

Benefits of Maintaining a Journal During Recovery

Writing a diary has always been recommended by therapists. It is a great way to pour out your feelings, especially the negative ones. If they linger with you for long, they can turn into something harmful. For example, past traumas lead to addiction

Therefore, regular journal entries are recommended for recovering addicts. There are various other benefits to it. You’ll find them below. 

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Journals or diaries are a great way to communicate with yourselves and with others. A few other benefits of maintaining a journal are:

  • Let’s you be with yourself for a while

When you write down your feelings and thoughts, it gives you some time to be with yourself. While you’re writing them down, you get more time to think about them, understand them, and know where they’ll lead you. 

  • It’s a great way to pour out your feelings 

Sometimes you get stuck with a thought in your mind that won’t go away quickly. Writing it down in your journal is a great way to push it out, especially if it’s a negative one. If you don’t mention your negative thoughts in your journal, you might end up sabotaging your recovery. 

  • Reminds you of the progress

Writing down doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your thoughts forever. It’s a way to remind yourself of how far you’ve come on the road to recovery. 

  • Writing heals your brain

The brain is one of the first organs to be damaged in addiction. Writing a journal is a great way to help it heal. 

With these benefits, writing a journal now seems a great idea. Thus, if you’re planning to begin recovery, don’t forget to carry a journal along. 

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