Alcohol recovery goals you should aim for

Alcohol recovery goals you should aim for

What is alcohol recovery?

The alcohol recovery process begins after someone detoxes from a substance, such as alcohol. Most people refer to the recovery stage after completing a 30, 60, or 90-day inpatient treatment program.

Everyone’s journey to sobriety is different, so each person will reach recovery at a different pace. The truth is it can take months or years to reach the recovery stage from the time someone decides to become sober.

Looking forward to recovery can be exciting, but it can also be scary, as you may have many worries after becoming sober. Some wonder if they’ll relapse, while others worry about broken family or social relationships or if they’ll gain employment.

Your goals for recovery should be specific to you, your lifestyle, and your needs. You’ll definitely discuss your goals during treatment, but here are six suggested goals for alcohol recovery.

Six goals for alcohol recovery

Live independently

After a residential treatment program for alcohol, you may be moved into a sober living house where you’ll practice skills you learned during rehab. You’ll stay in sober living until you’re ready to live on your own, which is a good goal to have. This is often one of the first steps after alcohol recovery and one your addiction specialists will encourage you toward.

Put your health first

During the addiction phase, you may not have realized the toll alcohol was having on your body. As an addict in recovery, create a plan to always put your health, including your mental health, first. Try to lower stress, stay active, and eat foods that support good health.

Create a plan to stay alcohol free

This is one of the hardest goals for people in alcohol recovery. But it’s a goal that every addict needs. Write a plan, in detail, that defines how you’ll stay alcohol free. Maybe you’ll stop going to events where alcohol is served or tell friends and family not to bring alcohol around you.

Keep up with your sponsor

If you were assigned a sponsor, or someone who’ll help you stay sober, keep up with him or her. Stay in contact with them and let them know when you’re facing alcohol temptation. If you don’t have a sponsor, find one through a local organization, or join an alcohol recovery group.

Keep up with counseling and post-rehab treatment

Alcohol recovery is a process that goes beyond quitting drinking. Your recovery plan may include counseling or taking medication. Make it a goal to continue whatever your addiction specialists recommended.

Identify and eliminate triggers

You may know what causes you to crave alcohol. Write down these triggers and create a plan to avoid them. It could be stress, specific people, or physical pain that turn you toward having a drink. Ask yourself, “what can I do to avoid this?”

Get to alcohol recovery in Houston

Alcohol recovery is not as far away as you think. The addiction specialists at Mallard Lake Detox Center, a luxury rehab, can help you reach this stage with expertise and compassion, all in an upscale environment.

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