Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Houston and Surrounding Areas in Texas

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Houston and Surrounding Areas in Texas

It was once believed that alcohol addiction was a result of poor choices and moral failure. However, after years of research, it has been proved that alcohol addiction has nothing to do with choices or morals. It is just another health disorder that is caused by multiple biological, developmental, and environmental factors. 

Therefore, it needs to be considered and treated in the same way as one would treat any other health condition. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox Center for an effective alcohol addiction treatment program. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at our Houston Rehab

At Mallard Lake Detox Center, we believe that addiction treatment cannot work on a “one size fits all” formula. It needs to be custom to your needs. Therefore, our experts make sure to understand your treatment needs and devise a plan accordingly. 

Alcohol addiction treatment at our rehab is also not a one-step process. It involves multiple stages such as treatments, therapies, post-treatment care, etc. We also offer holistic treatments to assure your overall recovery. 

Some of our popular treatments and therapies include

  1. Medically assisted detox 
  2. Residential treatment program 
  3. Outpatient treatment program 
  4. Partial hospitalization program 
  5. Aftercare programs 
  6. Equine therapy 
  7. Nature therapy 
  8. Trauma therapy 
  9. Personal and group therapies 
  10. Family therapies 

With these expert-supervised treatments and therapies, we promise to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. 

Inpatient Treatment in Detail 

Inpatient or residential treatment is one of the most successful ways to treat addiction. It requires our patients to stay in-house until the conclusion of the program. Meanwhile, they will undergo detox and several other treatments. They would learn to identify, understand, and overcome their triggers. 

Our inpatient program lasts for about 30 days. However, the duration may vary depending on the patient’s progress and needs. Along with treatments, patients also benefit from various extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga, art, music, etc. All this helps in the overall growth of the patient. 

Customized Detox Program 

As mentioned earlier, detox or addiction treatment cannot be the same for all patients. It needs to vary a little considering the patient’s individual health needs. Therefore, at our rehab, we offer a customized detox program. This program is efficient to cater to all your individual treatment needs. All our therapies and treatments will be planned around a patient’s requirements. 

Patients would also be offered personal assistance while they go through those harsh withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, we also have nutritionists who take care of all our patients’ nutrition needs. 

Enroll in our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Today!

If you too need similar help, we are here at your service. Approach Mallard Lake Detox Center today! We offer services in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas. Call us now to schedule an appointment. 

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