Sustaining Hope,
Embracing Sobriety

Here at Mallard Lake Detox Center, support for addiction aftercare doesn’t cease upon graduation.

Our residential addiction treatment initiative provides a secure setting for clients to undergo detox, conquer their addictions, address underlying issues, and acquire the skills necessary for a productive, fulfilling, and abstinence-focused life. Acknowledging the contrast between life within our luxury rehab and the outside world, our one-year addiction aftercare program is designed to aid in the transition and minimize the risk of relapse.
Addiction Aftercare

Navigating Real-Life Stresses with Addiction Aftercare

Here at Mallard Lake Detox Center, our clients are shielded from many external stressors. Upon leaving, they confront the challenges of resuming work or school, managing finances, repairing family relationships, and encountering negative influences from their past addiction – all potential triggers for relapse. Through a robust support system, we strive to prevent relapse by collaborating with our graduates and their loved ones, establishing an enduring network of assistance in Houston, Texas.

Exploring the Offerings of the Addiction Aftercare Program

During the inpatient phase of our addiction treatment program, clients explore avenues for transforming their lives and fortifying their relationships with their loved ones. The primary objective of the addiction aftercare program is to support graduates in sustaining these positive changes beyond our luxury facility. Our aftercare services encompass weekly online correspondence with therapists and counselors, along with regular one-on-one counseling sessions at the facility. Plus, our team of professionals is available around the clock to provide phone support for crises that graduates may find challenging to navigate alone. Furthermore, we actively encourage graduates to participate in ongoing group counseling sessions as scheduled at Mallard Lake Detox Center.

Sustaining Support with Ongoing Addiction Aftercare for Families

Addiction is a multifaceted condition that not only affects the individual but also has repercussions on the network of family members and close friends.

Plus, the loved ones of the addict may experience various challenges, leading to strained relationships. This is why in the recovery process, it’s crucial to involve close friends and family, not only for repairing and rebuilding relationships but also for establishing a continuous support network for the newly recovered individual.

Within our aftercare program, we extend an invitation to families to continue participating in the family counseling sessions initiated during the inpatient phase.

Additionally, individual counseling sessions are available for family members. The educational seminars and events organized by Mallard Lake Detox Center contribute an additional layer of support for both graduates and their family members – that’s for sure.

The Crucial Role of Addiction Aftercare from Mallard Lake Detox Center

Our aftercare program is designed to support recovered individuals in making a successful transition to a positive, productive, and abstinent life outside our facility. Upon completing a minimum 45-day treatment program and attending 10 or more consecutive aftercare sessions, our clients benefit from our unique guarantee. This is that in the unfortunate event of a relapse, our luxury rehab in Houston will readmit them, no questions asked. For additional details about our Residential Treatments and Aftercare Programs, you can reach out to us today.
Addiction Aftercare


Real Journeys, Real Successes

Dive into the inspiring narratives of our client’s journeys,
where hope, resilience, and triumph illuminate the path to recovery.

“Mallard Lake saved my life and helped me turn everything around. The staff and residents I met were remarkable from my 1st call with my admissions counselor (Court) to the nurses and techs. I couldn’t be more grateful for you all! I love each of you dearly and could never thank you enough for the help you have given me. God bless you.”

John Heider

“This place is awesome!!!! It was my first Luxury Rehab/recovery center, but I can’t imagine a better place to relax and get help. The staff is very knowledgeable in all their duties. The counselors make the group sessions fun and interesting with games, facts, sharing, and general life experiences.”

Abe Garcia

“This center’s approach is holistic so the access to various activities helped me clear my head and allowed me to get to the root of my addictions. You will not be bored as they always have something that clients can do. On the weekends, they took us out to different places to engage in fun activities like art classes and beach trips. Being near the water and doing these activities made it very peaceful and serene and allowed us clients to have some fun while working on sobriety.”

Ryan White

“There is always someone to talk to and they really care about your well being. The amenities are great, food is wonderful. Staff is the best I couldn’t have chose a better place to change my life.”

Ava Walsh


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If you want to know more about our signature offerings at Mallard Lake Detox Center, simply reach out to our team to book a call or schedule an assessment. Know that we have your back here in Houston, Texas.


Discover the transformative support of our Addiction Aftercare Program at Mallard Lake Detox Center – know that your path to sustained well-being begins here. Reach out to us today for a brighter and more sober tomorrow.
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