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Addiction in Houston, Texas

Opioid luxury rehab facility safely located near Houston, Texas.

The Growing Rates of
Oxycontin Addiction in Houston

As of 2021, almost 32 million Americans are actively using drugs. Despite the 50 years of war on drugs, addiction is still rampant in every state. One of the contributing substances is Oxycontin, a prescription drug.
Oxycontin is the brand name for the opioid oxycodone. This prescription painkiller is given to individuals that have undergone surgeries and severe injuries. Although this medication needs a prescription, people who abuse medication to feed their cravings can do many things to get their hands on this medication.

Even short-term use of Oxycontin can lead to addiction. It is why doctors are very careful in prescribing this kind of medication. Often, doctors will prescribe oxycontin for a specific number of days with detailed instructions on how to take this drug.
Endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain, are released when you use an opioid. Endorphins produce a temporary but strong sense of pleasure by decreasing pain perception. You might find yourself craving those euphoric feelings to return as quickly as possible after the dose wears off. This longing for that good feeling can start an opioid addiction.

Many factors cause opioid addiction, including;

• Poverty
• Unemployment
• Family history of substance abuse
• Personal history of substance abuse
• Young age
• History of criminal activity or legal problems
• Regular contact with high-risk people or high-risk environments
• Problems with past employers, family members, and friends (mental disorder)
• Risk-taking or thrill-seeking behavior
• Heavy tobacco use
• History of severe depression or anxiety
• Stressful circumstances
• Prior drug or alcohol rehabilitation

Get help as soon as you can if you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction to reduce the likelihood of long-term damage.

Signs of Oxycontin Abuse

Effects of Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person uses opioids for a long time and develops dependency, stopping can cause mild to severe, even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, do not hesitate to get help.

OxyContin Addiction

Oxycontin Detox Treatment in Houston

Any addiction is not easy to battle but with the help of a premier and luxury rehab like Mallard Lake Detox Center, it is attainable. Our goal is to help people suffering from meth addiction as much as possible. We put our hearts and soul to guide people from all walks of life. We firmly believe all individuals deserve to heal.

Our Detox Treatment is scientific-based and proven effective. We studied and designed a comprehensive treatment program because we understand how addiction can destroy a person’s life. Detox is the first step away from addiction.

Jumpstart your recovery now.

Everybody deserves holistic healing.
Mallard Lake Detox Center accepts major insurance providers around the country.

Other Addiction We Treat at
Mallard Lake Detox Center

Meth is one of the substances that we treat here in Mallard Lake Detox Center.
Learn more about other substances we treat.

Our Accommodations in Houston, Texas

A serene environment accompanied by the best therapies and activities are
proven to speed up the recovery journey. Here are some of our deluxe accommodations.

High-Intensity Interval Training is proven to boost mental health and well-being. We have a contemporary workout facility that motivates people to stay active.
Our facility provides yoga classes. Yoga is proven to boost mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and restful sleep in addition to stress management.
Equine Therapy
Equine-assisted therapy effectively develops emotional regulation skills, self-confidence, and responsibility. It is also great for boosting mental health.
Staying active while in recovery is beneficial. It increases awareness and promotes mental health and well-being. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Master Leo will train you to learn self-defense techniques and martial arts.
Commercial Kitchen
Healthy food help the body to have good nutrition. We have an in-house chef that makes gourmet meals.

Getting sober is never easy,
But, this is one of the most significant decisions you will ever have to make.

Now is the time to make that change,
our Mallard Lake Detox Center team is waiting to assist you.

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