Cocaine Rehabilitation Center in Houston, TX

Supporting individuals in their fight against cocaine addiction, Mallard Lake Detox Center ensures the creation of a strong foundation for recovery.


Offering Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Houston

Discovering our Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Mallard Lake Detox Center is a personalized journey designed to meet your unique needs. Our program, situated in Houston, Texas, assesses your requirements, tailoring a plan to empower you toward your recovery goals. The comprehensive care we provide may encompass Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient Programs – these include the following:

Medical Detox

For those grappling with intense withdrawal symptoms hindering their journey to cease cocaine use, our Medical Detox in Houston provides a crucial starting point. Know that our dedicated professionals at Mallard Lake Detox Center ensure your safety and offer support throughout the withdrawal phase. Upon completing detox, a seamless transition to Residential Treatment or an Intensive Outpatient Program awaits you.

Residential Treatment

Mallard Lake Detox Center’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment offers Residential Treatment that integrates various therapies as well as round-the-clock supervision. Immersed in a supportive and drug-free environment, you live on-site, fostering a robust foundation for early recovery. Our tailored services include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as various holistic therapies, neurofeedback, and exercises, adapting to each of our patient’s unique needs.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Whether entering treatment directly or simply transitioning from residential care, our Intensive Outpatient Program provides continued support to those in Houston, Texas. You can attend sessions at our luxury rehabilitation center when scheduled, and during non-treatment hours, and lead a healthy and independent life – isn’t that a win?

You can take control of your journey to addiction recovery. Why don’t you call us at Mallard Lake Detox Center to embark on a path to lasting freedom from cocaine addiction? After all, a brighter future begins with seeking help now.
Cocaine Rehabilitation
Cocaine Rehabilitation


Of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Choosing the right addiction treatment is a personal decision, and it’s best to understand that one size doesn’t fit all. In your search for tailored care, our Cocaine Rehabilitation Center in Houston offers compelling reasons why it may align with your needs.
Today, choose a path that’s tailored to your needs. We’re inviting you to explore the benefits of our Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Mallard Lake Detox Center and take the first step toward lasting recovery. You can call us to get started on your journey.


With Mallard Lake Detox Center

Refuse to let cocaine continue its toll on your life. Today marks the beginning of reclaiming control and building a brighter future. With impactful treatment and unwavering support, you can attain the life you rightfully deserve with the help of our experts at our luxury rehabilitation facility in Houston, Texas. For insights into our comprehensive programs addressing cocaine addiction, you can contact us directly at Mallard Lake Detox Center. Remember, your journey to recovery starts now.
Cocaine Rehabilitation


Explore the testimonials that embody the spirit of triumph over cocaine addiction.

“This place is awesome!!!! It was my first Luxury Rehab/recovery center, but I can’t imagine a better place to relax and get help. The staff is very knowledgeable in all their duties. The counselors make the group sessions fun and interesting with games, facts, sharing, and general life experiences.”

Abe Garcia

“This center’s approach is holistic so the access to various activities helped me clear my head and allowed me to get to the root of my addictions. You will not be bored as they always have something that clients can do. On the weekends, they took us out to different places to engage in fun activities like art classes and beach trips. Being near the water and doing these activities made it very peaceful and serene and allowed us clients to have some fun while working on sobriety.”

Ryan White

“There is always someone to talk to and they really care about your well being. The amenities are great, food is wonderful. Staff is the best I couldn’t have chose a better place to change my life.”

Ava Walsh

“Mallard Lake saved my life and helped me turn everything around. The staff and residents I met were remarkable from my 1st call with my admissions counselor (Court) to the nurses and techs. I couldn’t be more grateful for you all! I love each of you dearly and could never thank you enough for the help you have given me. God bless you.”

John Heider


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