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There are many forms of addiction. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of therapies available to help you recover. Our rehabilitation program in Houston will answer your call towards recovery. We can bring you back on the right track with our Houston rehab services. We offer you intensive and supervised programs that will help you stop substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Houston Texas rehab services will guide you through medically specialized treatments toward living a healthier, sober life.

Rehab services in Houston are offered to you or your loved ones as you venture the road towards sobriety. We ensure our patients safe and supervised treatments by making a tailored program in Houston that can last even after detox. However, you have to understand that there are a lot of factors affecting Houston drug treatment as well as alcohol detox in Houston. This will include your personal situation and the severity of your alcohol and/or drug dependence. Remember that a single treatment does not guarantee speedy recovery that is why you have to choose the right program in Houston that can meet your needs

Detox Programs for Alcohol & Meth Addiction in Houston

Crystal Meth can target your central nervous system and is highly addictive. It gets in the body through snorting, swallowing or by injection. The common effects are the sense of wakefulness and complete alertness for a much longer period than necessary. The intense feeling of euphoria is what makes you have a strong inclination to use more of this drug. To be able to exit this stage of addiction, you will need to undergo meth rehab in Houston where you will receive overall support until your treatment is successfully completed.

Meth Rehab Treatment Servicing Houston

Although methamphetamine is a powerful and addictive stimulant, there are still treatments that can help in order to combat the addiction. These treatments will both need to address your mental and behavioral health conditions because both of them are considered co-occurring disorders. The degree of addiction can influence the treatment options. The programs developed will both have meth detox in Houston and behavioral therapy with contingency management in order to completely address the situation.

Medical detoxification is the type of detox needed for meth addiction. Withdrawal from using meth can result to some pretty tough symptoms of your dependency that a medically assisted detox treatment is necessary. Although there are no specific drugs that can effectively remove meth from your system. However, these medications can help you during the phase of withdrawal symptoms.

Some of these withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, fatigue, intense cravings, dehydration, anxiety, headaches, and depression among others. Meth rehab in Houston detoxification treatment can run for about 50 hours and can persist for weeks or even months depending on the degree of addiction. Detox might come as a difficult first phase of getting clean but the result can certainly outweigh the complications.

After detox, you have to undergo mental and behavioral health therapy to complete your rehabilitation. These therapies are considered the most effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction since it deals with your cognitive–behavior and contingency management interventions.

It can have activities like behavioral therapy, family education, individual counseling, and reinforcement for non-drug related activities. These therapies should be pursued after the detoxification phase since there are no medically proven drugs that can counteract the effects of meth addiction and that you need to be armed with all the information and willpower to abstain from the temptation of using meth again.

Meth Addiction Detox Programs In Houston Texas

By the time you have decided to quit using meth, you will also realize that it is a lot easier said than done. The withdrawal effects are too powerful to overcome. This is when the need to undergo meth detox in a facility where professionals can also take care of you becomes necessary.

Some of the medications that will be used in meth addiction detox include Bupropion and Fluoxetine. Bupropion is an antidepressant which is also commonly used by individuals looking to quit smoking. Long-term use of meth can lead to dopamine deficiency.

The use of bupropion can be beneficial in regulating the dopamine levels in the body. So, once dopamine levels are regulated, it will aid the person in the process of withdrawal. This is because dopamine plays a crucial role in a person’s ability to focus and experience pleasure.

If this brain chemical messenger is better regulated with the help of bupropion, the person can now become more capable of focusing while also controlling his cravings for the pleasurable effects that meth provides to his brain.


Another antidepressant commonly used for meth addiction detox is Fluoxetine. This medication is used to address heart problems while also relieving other symptoms that often come with depression.

It is very important to note that these medications must only be used under the supervision of a health care professional or a rehab treatment expert. Abruptly stopping the use of this medication can increase one’s risk for relapse.

Once stopped, this medication can trigger the nasty symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms may also be accompanied with paresthesia, which is a condition characterized by a tingling or prickling sensation on the skin.

You have to work with an expert once you have decided to undergo meth detox. Our meth addiction detox experts possess a great knowledge of the strategies to be used in order to help individuals better cope with the symptoms that often come with meth detox. Not to mention your lowered risk for relapse and reduced likelihood for sudden discontinuation of medications.

Remember that once you decide to undergo meth detox in our facility, everything will be tailored according to your health and medical status. This way, you significantly increase your chances of a successful meth addiction detox program.

Medical Detox

You can expect healthy, early morning breakfasts with us. Sleeping long hours is not part of our program in Houston. We believe that as you rise early, this also gives you a chance to engage in different healthy physical and mental activities. We would like you to develop a “sound mind, sound body” routine that you can continue even after getting discharged out of drug rehab services in Houston. Some of our treatment programs also include morning sessions where a counselor or therapist talks about medical detox in Houston and other treatment processes. 

We think starting the day early with yoga and meditation will help you achieve a relaxed mind. Other physical exercises are also offered in our medical detox in Houston plans depending on your condition. There are actually a lot of treatment plans that you can choose from our drug and alcohol rehab services in Houston. However, drug treatment in Houston and Houston alcohol detox typically involve these 3 general steps:

  1. Therapy – We will assess your medical history and check for any underlying condition. You will also need to give us your psychiatric records for us to better know your mental condition. Patients are usually stabilized after assessment through doctor prescribed medications. The therapies we offer you are personalized depending if you need drug addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment or both.
  2. Detox – This process is the removal of drug and alcohol substances in your body. It is important for us to determine the type of substance you have used and the entire duration of your addiction. Getting professional help from our rehab services in Houston may be the best move for you. You can choose from our drug treatment in Houston and Houston alcohol detox treatments.
  3. Resocialization- When taking a patient in our program in Houston, our medical team ensures that not only physical withdrawal symptoms are addressed. We also make sure that your mental state is taken care of. That is why we also included plans for learning new ways of participating back into society and to be able to stay sober.

Many people think alcohol detox in Houston or drug detox can be self-administered at home. However, this is very dangerous as withdrawal symptoms differ for every person. Our detox plans and program in Houston are all supervised by highly qualified individuals in the medical field. This will ensure that treatments for medical detox administered to our patients are supervised and safe.

Residential Treatment Program

If you or your loved one is experiencing alcohol or drug addiction, getting a residential treatment program in Houston is the best solution towards recovery. A residential treatment program is an inpatient treatment that is offered to those who cannot recover alone. Our guided residential program in Houston makes recovery more successful although outpatient treatment can have its benefits too.

We offer Houston residential treatment program and plans that can be personalized. This will help ease your mind as we deliver to you structured treatments that are supervised by our medical staff in a non-hospital setting. In case you are hesitant about our residential treatment programs, here is a brief of what to consider the moment you decide to recover from drug or alcohol addiction with full support from our program in Houston.

  • Term of stay – The number of days you need to stay while undergoing inpatient drug treatment in Houston can vary case to case basis. Once you decide to break your relationship between alcohol and drug addiction must end, we will administer careful assessment and recommend the appropriate term of stay for your situation. Take note that both short-term and long-term stay for alcohol detox in Houston and Houston drug treatment are designed to help you reach full recovery. This includes getting you detoxified and preparing you for life after your stay with us.
  • 24/7 care and support – Here is another thing that you need to consider when looking for a residential treatment program in Houston Texas. Our drug treatment Houston facility offers you 24/7 care and support. This will ease your mind knowing we are here for you and you are not alone in overcoming addiction.
  • Structure Treatment – Your drug rehab in Houston plan is highly structured and will focus in key areas that will mostly affect your condition the moment withdrawal symptoms start showing. This can include different factors such as your lifestyle, personal relationships, and other aspects involving your addiction. Our medical team is always ready to assist you should there be any complications or medical issues.
  • Safe housing – Choosing to recover under our residential rehab services in Houston guarantees you safely living in our premises. This is very important especially for patients with complex withdrawal symptoms. Safety is also a huge concern for patients experiencing mental issues and other underlying medical conditions. That is why making sure you are in a safe community will likely yield an excellent recovery rate.

Remember that inpatient treatment requires determination and commitment. You have to be ready to separate your daily life and routine the moment you get our rehab services in Houston. Also, costs of residential treatment are always higher compared to outpatient drug treatment in Houston. Nevertheless, paying the cost for treatment is always a wise choice than paying the cost of addiction.

Medically Assisted Detox

Detoxification is often regarded as the first step in your way to sobriety and full recovery. Medically assisted detox in Houston involves the process of taking out toxins that are found in your bloodstream. These toxins resulted from a person’s drug abuse or alcohol addiction. One of the indications of addiction is the start of withdrawal symptoms the moment drugs are taken out from your body. This will include craving for drugs especially when quitting drug or alcohol use is sudden.

Medically assisted detox in Houston Texas is strongly monitored by our team in a controlled environment. This is because some drugs need weaning as it cannot be removed from the patient abruptly. Otherwise, it can lead to causing more harm than actually assisting you to reach full recovery.

Our rehab services in Houston make use of liquor and some drugs in administering medically assisted detox to our patients. This includes:

  • Alcohol – You may have the misconception that alcohol detox in Houston is easier done than coming clean out of drug addiction. However, stopping alcohol intake abruptly can be more fatal. Alcohol is commonly abused because drinking it makes the brain release pleasure cells giving you a feeling of happiness. However, withdrawing from alcohol dependency should be medically assisted to avoid sudden and severe symptoms.
  • Benzodiazepines – In the US, alprazolam, a psychiatric drug, is the most prescribed medicine. Our medically assisted detox in Houston can prescribe these medicines to tranquilize, calm nervousness and anxiety attacks, and help you sleep. Also, these medicines slow down your heart rate, lowers blood pressure and can give you a more relaxed feeling. Medically assisted detox in Houston can aid in alleviating withdrawal symptoms that can primarily affect you psychological.
  • Prescription opioids – drugs such as morphine, heroin/street heroin and products that contain codeine products. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, these drugs are highly addictive and have high risks of dependency. That is why rehab treatment in Houston should be administered by health professionals.

Alcohol Detox

Our rehab services in Houston have helped different patients overcome addiction. If you have heavy alcohol episodes and feel the need to recover, our Houston alcohol detox program is readily available to assist you. Too much alcohol intake will result in withdrawal symptoms that can manifest within 8 hours from your last drink. If this happens, you can experience dehydration, headache, nausea, fatigue, feeling drowsy and even confusion. For those who have severe alcohol dependence, you can experience more serious symptoms including anxiety, mood swings, rapid heart rate, inability to sleep, nightmares and even depression.

Other possible withdrawal symptoms when to undergo alcohol detox in Houston Texas can also include confusion fever, agitation, hallucinations and seizures. Our alcohol detox in Houston programs is among the safest, medically assisted recovery programs. We make sure correct patient assessments are done and treatment plans are tailored according to individual needs. This is to ease your mind that the treatment you are taking in our rehab services in Houston has been specifically designed for you.

The duration of the alcohol detox in Houston treatment depends on your case. Everyone’s treatment response is different from each other. This includes differences in alcohol dependence, health condition and physiological factors. That is why our rehab services in Houston can create treatment plans that will help you reach a safe physical and mental balance.

Our Houston alcohol detox treatment also utilizes psychotherapy and counseling. This will enable you to address mental issues that can occur especially during onset of withdrawal symptoms. We also ensure that you achieve physical balance that is why our alcohol detox in Houston Texas treatment plans also incorporates physical exercises for you. We use state of the art facilities that will keep you comfortable throughout your recovery treatment process.

In the past, a set of standard treatments for alcohol detox Houston have been used. However, rehab programs in Houston have advanced and careful consideration of age, gender, ethnicity, medical and psychiatric histories have been carefully considered nowadays. We are offering you programs for alcohol detox that are more specific towards a diverse number of patients seeking help. The course of treatment may seem complicated for you but our medical specialists can help you carefully choose the right plan that will give the best recovery results.

Treatment and costs for alcohol detox in Houston Texas varies. This will depend on how long or short you stay with us. The cost will also differ according to your substance dependence issues. Some patients choose inpatient or outpatient treatments that can help prepare them to enter a more sober environment. 

Drug Rehab in Houston

You might feel intimidated during a first-time drug rehab in Houston experience. This is normal because you might feel clueless on what to do and what to expect the moment you enter a facility for drug rehabilitation in Houston.

That is why it is important to select reputable drug rehab in Houston centers. We can help you feel welcomed and cared for which is crucial for those who show determination in quitting drug or even alcohol addictions. Although you might feel nervous, scared and anxious, we see to it that you know what to expect during a drug rehab in Houston treatment program to put your mind at ease.

Our facility for drug rehabilitation in Houston Will carry out an initial assessment before proceeding to the next process. After hurrying you are in a stable state, drug detox in Houston will be administered. Detoxification is a process done naturally by your body to get rid of drugs or alcohol from your system. This is essential for those who have been long term drug users. 

Some people find it difficult to undergo drug detox in Houston. However, we make sure that you understand this important cleansing process that your body should go through. Once your body gets rid of these substances, then you will be physically and mentally ready to continue drug rehabilitation in Houston.

You might think drug detox in Houston can be done alone. However, the real danger lies when a patient tries it at home without the help of a medical professional. Withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe that can even lead to life threatening situations. That is why it is imperative to seek expert help when undergoing these types of therapies.

Patients are assisted to overcome addiction by preventing cravings after undergoing detox. We also conduct counseling, therapy sessions and our doctors also prescribe medicines once deemed necessary to avoid relapse.

At first, it may seem scary but holding on to that will power can enable you to seek help. It is also important to understand the entire rehab experience with a positive outlook. Do not allow your fears to prevent you from finally getting back on track and coming clean. 

The road to recovery from drug addiction may take long and winding. However, if you are determined to get yourself sober, coming back as a productive part of society is always possible. Addiction is known to be a chronic disease and without addressing this medically, it can become a serious life-threatening situation for you or your loved ones.

At Houston drug treatment facilities, we understand you and your will to recover is important to us. When you become drug dependent, your body gets used to the presence of substance. This causes the body to eventually accept and look for it. This longing causes you to crave for more drugs. Moreover, there are different types of addiction and our specialists in Houston drug treatment centers can help you to overcome drug dependence. Here are some types of drug dependence. Check the list below and see if your addiction belongs to any:

  • Physical drug addiction- This type of addiction involves you physically. Some people take drugs to be able to perform physical tasks. As the drug intake routine becomes more frequent, you may feel the urge to recover. However, as your body is already used to substance abuse and you want to get rid of it, you can talk to us at Houston drug rehab and we can assist you with this matter.
  • Psychological drug addiction – Aside from involving your physical aspect, drug addiction can also involve you psychologically. When you begin to become psychologically dependent on a substance, it can dictate how you ought to feel and even your thoughts making it an essential part of your daily life. However, with our drug treatment in Houston, we can help you get through mental issues caused by drug addiction.
  • Polysubstance abuse – This refers to using and abusing multiple substances. This part of addiction can be highly seen in a person’s behavior. This type of addiction is also commonly observed from those who are taking alcohol detox in Houston. This may complicate the process thus needs utmost medical care.

Houston Residential Drug Heroin Addiction Detox Treatment

Heroin is a very addictive drug taken through snorting. Some inject them through their veins. Nevertheless, whichever method you introduce heroin to your body, this can have direct effects on the brain. Stopping is nearly impossible even if you had used it only once or twice because of its addictive effects. This includes a rush of good feeling, pain is gone, anxiety, worries and other stressors are gone and many more “feel good effects” after taking the drug.

Heroin Rehab Treatment Servicing Houston

Heroin rehab in Houston treatment is one of the approaches in helping you get away from the clutches of heroin addiction. This is a long-term care for heroin dependency since heroin addiction is a chronic disease. The rehabilitation can involve medication, including heroin detox in Houston and behavioral therapy.

The “gold standard” of care for persons suffering from heroin addiction is the MAT or medication-assisted treatment. This treatment helps you gradually wean off the substance from your body. With the use of medication like Buprenorphine and Methadone, it can help to minimize cravings. Detoxifying the body is purging the toxins that have accumulated over the months or years or abuse. This can be accompanied with several withdrawal symptoms like: chills, jitters, sleeping difficulties, cold flashes, pain in the muscles and bones, vomiting and diarrhea and uncontrollable leg movements.

Behavioral therapy or other mental health services are parts of the follow up care offered at heroin rehab in Houston. This is crucial to the success of the heroin rehab treatment. You will be given different approaches on how to totally overcome your habit. The therapy can help modify your behavior and attitude relating to drug use. It will also include learning healthy life skills that can help you to be determined to finish your treatment and medication.

Behavioral therapy can be intensive on the 1st few weeks after the medication assisted treatment, as you will be required to attend different sessions. Later, as to monitor your progress, the programs decrease and will go on for fewer hours. This is done to ensure that you can live in a drug free lifestyle and be able to get on by yourself after treatment.

When you are struggling with a mental issue plus substance abuse, it can be difficult to identify which treatment is best suited for each. But with tailored rehab treatment Houston plans, we are able to identify your root issues. This will help us help you achieve that lifelong recovery that will last even after your residential treatment program in Houston has ended.

Houston Opiate Drugs Addiction Rehab Clinic

Opiates or opioids are narcotic drugs that are used to treat pain. This narcotic pain reliever can be bought with or without prescription and can cause physical dependence if taken frequently. Cutting back from the drug after heavy use can make you experience several discomforts. This is the result of withdrawal from the drug. You can treat these discomforts by taking more dosage thus your body will develop drug tolerance.   Stopping the habit will mean that your body has to recover from these withdrawal symptoms. This is when seeking professional help from an opiate rehab in Houston becomes imperative.

Opiate Detox Treatment Servicing Houston

Opiate detox in Houston from opiate addiction involves medicine, counseling and support.  Doing it on your own can be difficult and can pose harm if not done properly.  Going for help in a facility can be of great advantage because treatment can be tailored made according to your needs. Your provider can monitor your progress and can help you ease out of the addiction as you undergo inpatient detoxification.

Detox for opiates should not be done without checking you for depression or other mental illnesses. Relapse can happen if these issues are not addressed during the opiate rehab in Houston treatment. Detox regimen can be aided with the use of other medication that can help relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These medications are doctor prescribed and will not be addicting themselves. Successful treatment can be obtained when you take medications as part of the treatment plan.

Behavioral approaches are important tools in order to ensure the recovery period is attained. In this particular treatment, you will be taught to address your own issues regarding your addiction. Therapies can help you to modify your attitude and behavior to your old habit and provide ways support yourself to handle stressful conditions and environmental cues that can trigger you to go back to your compulsive abuse. These life skills can come in handy and will help you to your path of complete recovery.

Alcohol Rehab in Houston

Alcohol use disorder cannot be overcome by willpower alone. The feeling of wanting to drink anytime of the day, the uncontrollable urge to drink at whatever amount and then feeling bad when you can’t drink are just a few signs that you are abusing your body with alcohol. This disorder can alter your brain that can make quitting difficult. Treatment options are available to help you deal with your alcohol misuse. Healthcare providers are there to support you on your road to recovery in our alcohol rehab in Houston facility. We will take and check your medical history thoroughly in order to come up with appropriate treatments. 

Alcohol addiction has been considered a mental chronic disease. It makes you think you think you are happy, relaxed and free of problems. This is because it signals the brain to produce dopamine, otherwise known as happy hormones, that can influence your decision making and planning. Dependency is involuntary and is highly habitual. That is why most those who have been addicted to alcohol cannot go by without a drink. However, excessive drinking and dependency can impact your life negatively.

Your physical health can be compromised, your social life can be put on hold and on the worst case, alcohol dependence can even lead to death. So, whether it is you or a loved one that is needing alcohol addiction treatment in Houston, our specialized team are more than willing to help you.

Alcohol addiction causes mental issues as well. It includes onset of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and even bipolar disorder. With our Houston Texas alcohol addiction treatment, we will be able to give you the best medical advice and recovery plans. Our doctors can prescribe you with medicines under addiction and alcohol detox in Houston treatment. Group forums, counselling and therapies are also administered to our patients to ensure fast, reliable, and safe recovery.

Alcohol Detox Treatment Servicing Houston

Treatment involves physical detoxification of the body from all traces of alcohol and then behavioral treatment to help you to be mentally resistant to the temptation of going back to the habit. Alcohol detox in Houston is the first step that can pose serious health risk if not done professionally. In order to have a safe passage when having withdrawal symptoms, you need to stay in our treatment facility so that you will be monitored. You might be needing medication and fluids through an IV while detox is ongoing. Our facility’s health professionals will be there to attend to your needs. The process of detoxification can be around 2 to 7 days depending on the gravity of your addiction.

Alcohol addiction has been considered a mental chronic disease. It makes you think you think you are happy, relaxed and free of problems. This is because it signals the brain to produce dopamine, otherwise known as happy hormones, that can influence your decision making and planning. Dependency is involuntary and is highly habitual. That is why most those who have been addicted to alcohol cannot go by without a drink. However, excessive drinking and dependency can impact your life negatively.

After the detoxification phase, a support group that can help monitor your sobriety is a must. It is also better to stay in our alcohol rehab in Houston residential treatment center, away from alcohol and work on your program so that recovery is assured. One of the approaches that you will encounter during your residential treatment is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

This type of approach can help you identify and deal with the destructive and self-defeating thoughts that might lead to your relapse when you are in the outside world. CBT is a short term and focused therapy that can work for you so that abstinent will not be difficult.  This is where your willpower can save you. 

Withdrawal from alcohol dependence is an important step to achieve living a life that is alcohol free. However, abstaining from a drink alone may not be an effective treatment. Alcohol addiction treatment Houston varies depending from mild to severe cases. Medication for dependency as a part of our Houston alcohol addiction treatment plan may include the following:

  • Acamprosate – This medicine helps you prevent a relapse after abstaining from drinking alcoholic substances. We usually incorporate counselling together with medication to help lessen your alcohol cravings.
  • Disulfiram – Patients under alcohol addiction treatment in Houston are usually prescribed with this medicine if they have had a previous relapse or are trying to prevent one from happening.
  • Naltrexone This works to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink while undergoing gradual withdrawal. It works to block opioid receptors which in turn cuts down the pleasurable effects brought by alcohol intake.

Aside from medication prescribed by our excellent team of medical professionals, our rehab services in Houston Texas offer you behavioral and cognitive treatments. Plans are widely available that are cost effective, safe and guarantee high rates of recovery. You may call our support staff, inquire for Houston rehab services and let us help you get back on the right track.

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