Medication-Assisted Detox and How is it Helpful?

Medication-Assisted Detox and How is it Helpful?

“I was afraid of detox for the sole reason-all the physical and mental discomfort it brings with it.” says one of the patients willing to undergo detox. 

Not just them, but many are ready to undergo detox but fear discomfort or withdrawal symptoms. For people like them, we would like to tell them that medicines are available to ease their discomfort. Such a process, involving medicines during detox is known as medication-assisted detox. Read ahead to know more. 

What is Detox? 

Detox is the first step of the addiction recovery process. It involves quitting the substance and allowing your body to flush out all toxins. Meanwhile, you detox, you are likely to undergo a few withdrawal symptoms. These are the signs showing that your mind and body are readjusting to the absence of substance. 

Withdrawal symptoms can be many depending on the kind of substance you abused and your body’s metabolism. However, a few symptoms remain common such as 

  1. Nausea 
  2. Vomiting 
  3. Stomach aches 
  4. Headaches 
  5. Respiratory issues 
  6. Fluctuated heart rate 
  7. Seizures 

The intensity of these symptoms also varies from patient to patient. If you suffered from a severe addiction, the withdrawal symptoms are going to be harsh. However, if yours was a mild addiction, then the symptoms will be gentle and subside within a few days. 

What is Medication-Assisted Detox? 

The main purpose of medication-assisted detox is to ease the harsh withdrawal symptoms. The doctors at our rehab will examine your physical and mental health conditions along with the state of your addiction. Based on your condition, and the possibility of harsh withdrawal, the doctors will then prescribe you a few medicines. 

These medicines are not something to help you with the detox but to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. The medicines work by subsiding the brain’s signal or reducing the urge to consume more substances. This in turn reduces the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. 

Enroll for Medication-Assisted Detox

Medication-assisted detox is the most beneficial when suffering from severe addiction. Along with medicines, many other therapies and treatments aid in complete recovery from addiction. 

You can visit Mallard Lake Detox Center in Dallas, Texas for a thorough medication-assisted detox program and several other therapies. We also offer substance-specific treatments for a better recovery from addiction. You can contact our team to enroll in the detox program. 

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