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Luxury Rehab in Texas

An Effective Approach Towards Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Mallard Lake Detox Center provides the best service for drug and alcohol detox. Our main facility is located in Houston, Texas but we also provide our services to those residing in Austin, Texas. It gives the ease of access to each and everyone who are in need of our services in Austin. Our center has the best and qualified staff who are always ready to help every single patient in the facility, whenever they need. We use the perfect techniques and tools to treat our patients. Mallard Lake Detox Center is highly equipped with luxurious and private amenities. It helps the patients in their journey of detox by providing them with comfort and safety. Take a step now on the path of recovery and live a healthy and a sober life!

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Amenities And Accommodations

We, at Mallard Lake Detox Center always aim to make our patients feel comfortable, safe and homely at the center while they pass through one of the most vulnerable stages in their lives. Hence, we offer several modern and luxurious amenities and accommodations at the center such as:

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Recreational Space

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Sports Areas

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Commercial Kitchen

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To know more about our accommodations and amenities, feel free to call us!

Verify Your Insurance Today

Having insurance becomes really helpful while you go for a rehab treatment as it covers your cost. Fortunately, Mallard Lake Detox Center accepts most of the insurance providers across the country, making the job easy for you!

Hence, verify your insurance now to ease your financial burden.

Effective Programs That Works for You

Austin Texas Drug Alcohol Rehab provides the best of therapies and treatments under professional supervision. All the treatments and therapies can be customized as per every patient’s requirements. Moreover, our qualified professional staff is always accessible and ready to help every patient in the time of need. Some of the treatments we offer are:

Medical Detox-Austin Texas

Medical Detox

Medically-Assisted Detox-Austin Texas

Medically-Assisted Detox

Alcohol Detox-Austin Texas

Alcohol Detox

Drug Addiction Treatment-Austin Texas

Drug Addiction Treatment

Residential Treatment Program-Austin Texas

Residential Treatment Program

Alcohol Addiction Treatment-Austin Texas

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Our team of professionals are always there to guide you at every step of the way.

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Our team is always ready to assist you and answer all the questions that you might have regarding the treatment and our services. Contact us now to clarify all your doubts and concerns and get the best of detox treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at Mallard Lake Detox Center.

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